2016 AZ Hot Sauce Expo Schedule

From Pepper Eating Contests to Bloody Mary Mix Downs the AZ Hot Sauce Expo will feature a full line up of stage competitions. Stay tuned for our complete schedule and details on how YOU can sign up.




Saturday 11/12

10:00 AM - Doors

12:00 PM - TBA

1:00 PM – Heartbreaking Dawns presents: The Spicy Tacos of Doom Challenge

2:00 PM – Burns & McCoy present: The Screaming Pigs From Hades Challenge

3:00 PM – Mexican Moonshine Tequila & Chaco Flaco present: The Margarita Mix-Down

4:30 PM – Original Geno's & Volcanic Peppers present: The Spicy Pizza From Hell Challenge

6 PM

Sunday 11/13

10:00 AM - Doors

12:00 PM - TX Biker Shef presents: The Full Throttle Fiery Tamale Easting Competition

1:00 PM – Arizona Wings N' More present: The Chicken Wing Challenge

2:00 PM – Homeboy Salsa presents: The Slaytanic Burrito Eating Challenge

3:00 PM – Stoli Vodka & Chaco Flaco present: AZ Bloody Mary Mix-Down.
Winnder wins trip to NYC for the Bloody Mary Mix-Down National Championship.

4:30 PM - Evan Williams and Puckerbutt Pepper Company present: The Guinness Book of Records Reaper Eating Challenge
The World's Hottest Pepper. Are You Ready?

6 PM